Thursday, November 24, 2011

Days 1-3

Since I am about at my wit's end with Blogpress deleting the saved drafts on my iPhone, this will be quick since I've already written it three times.

Day One
I gave my time when I wanted nothing more than a nap with the baby when my cousin called for our scheduled phone date. I literally can't find time for spurofthemoment calls when I'm usually always running around with the kids.

In the end, those almost two hours on the phone were so worth it. My sweet cousin is also a baby Christian and it wasn't until Monday that we were able to exchange stories about how we came to know Christ. As lifelong Roman Catholics up until that point, it was definitely interesting to hear the similarities in both trying to know God as Catholics, then having that burden lifted off our shoulders when we found Him.

Day Two
I failed miserably at giving today. I meant to, and even thought of just going online and giving to a charity, but then thought that would be cheating. So instead I let the day pass without giving time or money. Next time I'll give online. I mean, I could have even bought the homeless guy a coffee.

Day Three
On our drive up to Georgia we drove through McDonalds and paid for our meal and for the guy's behind us. As we drove off, my husband looked in the rear view mirror and said the guy looked confused. That was all. We arrived safely at our destination and spent the evening with family.

The more I think of the man behind us I wonder what my reaction would be if a stranger in front of me in the drive-through paid for my meal just because. I'm pretty sure I'd be confused too. And if this happened prior to becoming a Christian, knowing myself back then, I'd be freaked out, paranoid it was some freak who saw me in his rear view mirror, paid for my food and was now going to follow me home. Sad, isn't?

Before I knew what was at the core of Christianity, and before I had been exposed to sincere people who loved God and lives out their faith, I would have been skeptical of random acts generosity and love.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the people God put in my life to help me find Him and who modeled His character through their faith. I'm thankful for my family's health, safety and love. I'm thankful that my husband and I found our way into this Bible study where we're tackling finances and how and why to give more-- more ourselves and more of our money--to God and His kingdom.