Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day Seven

On the way home from the grocery store there was a man on the corner selling cold water. His daughters were with him and there was a sign that read "Wife left us. Please help."

He was looking down when I stuck my hand out the window to give him the money. One of his daughters noticed me and said, "Dad!"

He took the money and gave me a water, but I declined it. His face was sunburned and his daughters looked bored. He looked tired.

Can you imagine what his daughters are living through? What if one of their classmates drove by and saw them in that situation?

The economy has wreaked havoc on a lot of people. I forget that a lot. We've been so blessed. I can't think of anyone I know who's lost a house or suffered significant financial setbacks. I lived in Washington, DC up until two months ago, where the job market didn't suffer as much as smaller towns and cities, and the housing market continues to thrive.

It was a quick give for day seven, but their faces will be with me for years to come.