Monday, November 28, 2011

Day Four

While there was good motivation to give this day, I wish there wasn't a need for the organization I gave to, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

We were all enjoying time with family at our usual Thanksgiving spot when a sweet dog approached a few of the kids. Well of course I was drawn to the cute thing and went up to pet her. I was heartbroken to see that she was riddled with big, fat ticks. My heart fell to my stomach.

I came out of the womb a dog lover. I wanted to start a dog rescue in Mexico because it killed me to see dogs getting kicked when they'd beg food vendors for food. As a first generation American, I spent my summers and Christmases vacationing there with my parents and their immediate family. Some of my best memories are there, except for when I think about all the homeless dogs I had to leave behind each time.

James pulling ticks of Sadie.
But back to Sadie (that's what I named her). My husband was nice enough to pick all the ticks off her. I say nice enough because he grew up in the country, where most dogs aren't even allowed in the house. To this city girl, that borders animal cruelty. Okay, I'm kidding. I donated to ASCPA not PETA.

I knocked on a door and asked about Sadie. The nice lady dropped her head as she shook it and told me Sadie probably belonged to her neglectful neighbors. Sadie's condition and super submissive demeanor pointed to that being an accurate description of them.

She went on to say that if there was a place she could call to report them for neglect she would, but that there wasn't anything like that in Wheeler County. My heart sank again. I think it was at my feet by that point.

My hands were tied. The car was full and there wasn't any room for Sadie to come with us so we could at least find her a shelter.
It was all funny to my extended family. The city girl trying to save a gross dog with ticks, one of countless others that wander country roads. I was unashamed and unamused with their sarcastic giggles. It's something I had to get over fast to keep the bitterness out of my heart because with that usually comes passive aggressive sarcasm I'm very good at delivering in a very mean way if I'm not careful. It took everything in me to smile and walk away. And believe me I made sure God saw that so He could deliver the appropriate kudos to me for being a big girl.

Through the ASCPA I found Southern Comfort Rescue. And because I found SoCo Rescue, Sadie may get medication to repel ticks, or maybe even find a new home. But in reality, she probably won't find a new home and will continue to wander the roads, happy to have someone show her affection along the way.

I was ecstatic I got an opportunity to donate to ASCPA and look forward to helping SoCo Rescue in the very near future.