I really like giant turkey legs.


Let's jump right in, shall we?

I always thought I'd be a go-get-'em kind of woman, fully equipped with a great career in something international, political, news oriented, or all three.  In short, I thought I'd be a pretty big deal to a lot of people. And, I am.  My audience is just a lot smaller than I originally envisioned.  It's primarily made up of three humans and a canine.

The canine, Hannah Montana.

The humans. Isabella, Paloma, and James.

I'm a professional housewife.  I home school our 8-year-old, Isabella (Izzy) Sofia.  It is our first year tackling it and it is very, very (very) scary some days to think her education is in my clumsy hands.  Trust that there is a lot of near-meltdowns, meltdowns and control freak behavior I fight on a daily basis sometimes.  Izzy and I both chase around and cater to the toddler, Paloma Estela, 2, and dog, Hannah (Montana). We don't live in Washington, DC proper, but right next door in Arlington, Virginia.  We bid a very happy adieu to highrise living and are much more sane and happy now that we can open the door to our ground floor unit and let the kids and dog run crazy.  Although, my heart and soul yearn to live down South again.

You know that person who's always bursting at the seams with conversation, and sometimes their enthusiasm is a little weird and freakish because they talk really fast and bounce around from subtopic to subtopic with no real coherent conversational strategy?  That's me.  Add to that, I have little to no mouth filter.  My brother calls it diarrhea of the mouth, so I'm now super self-conscious to converse in social settings, but unfortunately (especially for James,) it hasn't stopped me.  A lot of times I walk away from conversations thinking, maybe I was a little too much for them, and I'm sure a lot of people walk away from me thinking, wow, she's a little bit of a spaz. 

I am a total spaz, or can be.  I'm actually pretty good at pretending to be normal, too.  Aren't we all?

Maya Angelou says that her grandmother would always say to her, "Sister, when you get, give.  When you learn, teach."  That sort of stuck when I heard her say it and I like to think it's my motivation behind this blog.  

I was raised Roman Catholic, but agnostic is probably a more accurate description.  God was always sort of an arms-length invisible mass of holiness I wasn't worthy of speaking to because I was so miserable at life.

While at school at The University of Tennessee Knoxville pursuing a degree in communication and journalism (Go Vols!) I was saved at Sevier Heights Baptist Church.  The words "saved" and "born-again" always made me feel awkward and uncomfortable because I was afraid people would look at me like, oh, she's one of those, a "Jesus freak."  But looking back on it, I think I thought that because of how news, media and most movies tend to focus on stories about the fringe crazies and I didn't want people to think I was a crazy.  Not to say I'm not a little crazy, it's just a different kind- the good kind.  That said, now that I'm over it,  I'm like, no really, I was saaaaved that Sunday, May 18, 2008.  Life makes sense.  I love me some Jesus.

I try my best to seek God's wisdom in everything and it takes so much perseverance and dedication that I often fail, but I wouldn't want my life any other way.  I've learned so much through my many, many failures.  I feel like if there were more women around me open to sharing their failures I would have been able to make it through the hard times with a little more hope and not feel like I was crazy and alone.  So, this is my little corner of the Internet to share what I'm discovering; in the kitchen, in Bible study, as a wife, mother, new homeschooler, etc.  But of course I don't limit myself to those topics, mainly because I'm way too ADD to stay focused on just that.

Grammar errors and all, I try to write as often as I find the energy.  Sometimes I reread my posts and find an embarrassing amount of typos, fragments and run-on sentences.  I've learned to get over it with my head held high, even though I studied, um, writing.  So, to all the grammar nerds: I'm so sorry for the annoying little mistakes in my posts.  I love you all.  I wish I had more time to punctuate correctly and edit after I write.