Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day Nine

It sometimes freaks me out when God shows up within minutes of me asking Him something.

As the girls and I made our way to Five Guys for some lunch, I was thinking I would maybe take lunch to a homeless person or pay for the meal of the person behind me in line. They sounded like okay ideas, but nothing really struck me.

Waiting for our food, I glanced down at the gift cards and thought, maybe I'll buy a gift card and take it to someone instead of finding a stranger, going up to them and offering to buy them lunch.  That approach made me a little uncomfortable.

I felt like the opportunity was passing when I looked up and saw an older gentleman reading the menu posted on the wall inside the establishment. He was dirty, scruffy and painfully thin. I was nervous, but in my head I heard, "Here ya go, this guy could use something to eat".  So I walked up to him.

"Sir? Can I buy you something to eat?", I asked.

He had bright blue eyes and smelled really bad, but I loved everything about him. He looked a little taken back and confused, then said "sure" in a very low voice. We walked to the cashier and he ordered a cheeseburger with everything on it and a drink. I wished him well and walked out.

The girls and I sat outside to eat our lunch.  I was mostly quiet as I sat there in awe at how, just as I was getting frustrated with myself on how to give and who to give to today, God put the man right in front me.  He needed me and I needed him.  

I almost didn't write this because I liked the thought of keeping it between God, the Five Guys cashier, Isabella and me. But this is what the 20 day challenge is about.  This is why I started blogging again, to share the way this experience would change my heart.  I wanted to document the truth behind God's words in the Bible about giving to others, how it changes your perspective and heart when we're not so focused on ourselves.

I get bored, frustrated or overwhelmed and I shop. Everyday that I've given, I've been happy not to shop. Not just okay with it, happy with it. It's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I've found that I can focus on things I might be able to buy for other people.

I've always wanted to be more thoughtful in giving to my mom, sister and friends, but can never focus enough on what to get them, so I give up. Apparently it's a lot easier to shop for others when I'm not interrupting myself with thoughts of things I could buy myself. Go figure.