Thursday, March 29, 2012

When Visiting Crappy Coffee Central...

Be sure you equip yourself with a Starbucks Via.

These magical pouches of instant coffee are essential when we drive through or visit parts of the United States that enjoy very mild roasts, or what my mom has dubbed "agua de calcetín mugroso," loosely translated, dirty sock water.

And it's not even that we're coffee snobs, we just enjoy bolder brews, something they just don't serve at your local McDonald's or Cracker Barrel, or small town gas station coffee bar. They aren't even an option.

I order or serve myself coffee and then dump a Starbucks Via to the coffee, instantly transported to coffee heaven and well on my way to actual brain function.

We're currently in James' hometown saying our goodbyes to a close family friend that's losing her battle with cancer. We left Tampa at 8:30pm, arrived at 2am, and Paloma was up by 7:30am.

It is definitely a Via morning. I recommend buying a pack and stashing it your car for emergencies. You will thank me later.