Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skinny Burger with Cebollitas

It's only a skinny burger because I used the last deli flat for the ham sandwich I made Izzy for lunch.  Last night's burgers were such a hit (Isabella even wanted a second one later that evening,) I decided it was safe to use the second pound of ground chicken for exactly the same meal tonight, except I had a burger left over and thus decided it would be my lunch.  And since onions have great health benefits and are acne-friendly (as in, they don't promote flare-ups,) I'm grilling the green onions I bought yesterday as my side.

Cebollitas (grilled green onions) are a favorite side of mine, yet I always seem to forget about them.  I get caught up in my cooking bubble and my perspective shrinks.  A lot like my vocabulary as of late.  There seem to be a lot of instances in which I over-explained something when a simple vocabulary word would have done the trick, and not even a hard one.  I think it was the word "scarce", but instead I was like, you know when you don't have a lot of something or it's hard to get or find, then my friend said scarce, and I thought, why is my vocabulary shrinking? 

Oh, it's because I never have to speak beyond the first grade level.  Awesome.

Anyway, back to the food...

One of the great bonuses of Paloma now being old enough to somewhat entertain herself is that I can actually hold her off enough to make myself something to eat in the afternoons and sometimes even prep dinner.  Chicken mixture for the burgers is already chilling in the fridge, I cut up potatoes for baked french fries I'm making to accompany the burgers, and after this I can breath easy.

Like a good Mexican, I sprinkled the cebollitas with some salt and lots of lime.  Lime is also really good for you.  I forget why, but if you want to find out I suggest reading Feed Your Face by Dr. Jessica Wu.  I will reference this book a lot in the future.  It's changed my life, not because it's taught me how to eat healthier, but because the focus is on eating to clear your face from acne and fight wrinkles naturally, with what you ingest.  I'm not interested in eating clean to cleanse my system.  I enjoy some junkfood.  I'm not dead.  But adjusting my diet to clear acne and fight sun damage?  Sign me up!  I'm not one that wants to fight the natural aging process, but I don't think there's anything wrong with healthy maintenance, and you can file Botox under my "healthy maintenance" files.

And, once I figure out how food Web sites get there food to look like supermodels, I will model my dishes accordingly.  I do think I over-grilled the onions, but they were still really tasty.  All of it was.