Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Green Chicken Burger

Ever since I sampled a delish chicken burger the butcher at Whole Foods made I've been determined to make them.  So today after I dropped Izzy off at school, I swung by the store and bought some ground chicken and green onions.  I had a loose recipe for the burgers upon reading Bon Appetit's current issue, which included a recipe for chicken meatball minestrone.  The meatballs have chives in them (hence the green onion I bought,) but I knew the fam wouldn't be to keen on a soup dinner since it's already pretty warm down here.  So I Google "chicken burger" and up popped (shocker, no, not really,) a Giada De Laurentiis recipe for chicken burgers with garlic and rosemary mayonnaise.  I'm not huge on mayonnaise, and I didn't have fresh rosemary, but I did have cilantro and green onions so I decided to make chicken burgers with green onion and cilantro mayonnaise instead.

I mixed the cilantro and chopped green onions in only half of the required amount of mayonnaise, which was a whopping full cup.  Bleh!  And the mayonnaise I used was Kraft mayo with olive oil, a much healthier alternative and Feed Your Face approved by Dr. Jessica Wu.  And since I had made salsa verde for the chicken tacos I had for lunch, I just topped the burgers with the salsa instead of ketchup, which is loaded with sugar. 

And just FYI, for the salsa verde I grabbed tomatillos I had sitting in my fridge, threw them, two jalapenos, cilantro, salt and a splash of water in the blender, pureed it, then chopped some onion, added it and half an avocado to what was already pureed.

The result is a deliciously moist and flavorful burger.  So you see, they're green burgers because, um, almost everything in it and the chicken is green.  And also the chicken is organic, as is most of the produce I used to make the salsa.  Duh.