Monday, January 16, 2012

On Dancing and Toes

Thankfully, I didn't wake up sore the day after my night out dancing.  I only thought I pulled a muscle (twice) while I was dancing.  Maybe next time I should stretch before I hit the dance floor.  And believe you me, it is very difficult to say that without laughing at myself out loud.  In fact, most the night that's what I spent my time doing, laughing at myself. 

For one, the first two gentleman that asked me to dance had a hard time leading me.  The first time it was because the guy was just a gentle leader.  Not having danced in more than two years I was in need of a stronger lead to help guide me in turns.  The second poor soul asked me to dance, and when I had already said yes and was on the dance floor, I realized it was a cha-cha, and the only thing I know about cha-cha is what Baby reviewed with Johnny in Dirty Dancing.  I warned him about it, but he insisted I would fare well, and I barely managed.  Not to toot my own horn (but, toot, toot), I was spinning around to cha-cha by the end of the night, with only a few missteps. 

So Saturday rolls around and I'm feeling great about not being sore.  Then, walking back to the couch with Paloma in my arms, my pinky hits the edge of the couch.  I heard a crack, and then, I felt a crapload of pain.  I screamed.  Then, Paloma screamed because I screamed.  And having just woken up from a nap, I didn't know that James and Isabella had strolled down to the pool to soak in the hot tub.  So there I am screaming, trying to get Paloma to quit screaming, calling James several times, all the while ignorant to the fact that I was calling the phone he had left upstairs.  I cried.  It hurt.

What stinks about a broken toe is that doctors can't really do anything for you other than take an X-ray to see if it's broken, then confirm that it's broken, tape it to your neighbor toe, and send you home with ibuprofen and instructions to ice and elevate your leg.  That's it. 

I've learned that you need to be ever-so-careful, even when you're walking around your home, and that the next time I get a chance to go dancing, I should probably stretch.