Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Broken Toe Alone, Day One

James went back to work today so that left me alone for the first time since I ran into the side of the couch and broke my left pinky toe.  The day after I broke it, Saturday, it actually felt okay and I could walk, albeit with a wobble.

Then, when we came home from a short walk yesterday, the left side of my lower back hurt, I suppose from the different muscles I've been using to adjust my walking.  Later in the day we took Hannah to Fort de Soto dog beach and that went okay.  The sand made it easier for me get around.  Today, though, has been rough.

I slowly gathered the girls and very carefully taped my toe, then with even more care slipped on my sneaker.  Flip-flops just weren't good for my back anymore.  Since this owner never trained her dog how to bring the ball back once she's thrown it, I brought two balls to the dog park, which is about two block away from us, to hopefully wear her out with fetch.  Let me try to explain to you how incredibly challenging it is to have two children and a dog and a broken pinky toe shoved into a sneaker while trying to walk the dog.  I even had the stroller to lean on while I hobbled and my toe hurt with every step I ever-so-carefully tried to take.

I have to load everyone on the elevator, but before that, I have to maneuver the stroller out of our apartment door.  After that, we enter the elevator (door two), exit the elevator (door three), exit the mail area into the concierge area (door four, which doesn't even swing wide open, so heaven freaking forbid another dog or person is also waiting to get through, because then I have stupid Hannah pulling me through an already narrow exit, with a stroller).  Once I get into the main entrance/concierge area, I exit through another door that also doesn't swing wide open.  These doors not only do not swing wide open, but they also come off the ground enough to where I can't hold the door open with my foot if I have on flip-flops (in a state where it's hot 80 percent of the year), because my foot sneaks under the door,  then the door starts to close over my foot, which, as you might imagine, is a little painful.

No gracias!  I knew I was going to need help, so I e-mailed James that I needed a dog walker.  He gave the green light, and once I hobbled and hopped back inside our building the concierge referred us to Pilar's Pet Resort.  This place is so stinking cute!  Take a look at the photo albums on their page.  I was tempted to ask if I could leave my children there, too.

The woman over the phone was so sweet, especially once I switched to Spanish.  There's something comforting about being able to speak your native language to someone, even if they're not from the same country.  It's like we were immediately BFF.  And, as a mom, she could sympathize with what I have on my plate.  She offered to visit Hannah today so she can meet her.

Can I tell you how excited I am about my dog going to daycare?  Y'all have no idea the strain it will take off my schedule, even if she only goes for two days a week.  Pilar's even has taxi service that will pick her up and drop her off for me.

This broken toe thing will be a lot harder to deal with than I originally thought, but I am already so excited and relieved to have my Hannah Banana taken care of while I take care of the other monsters during the day.

Jesus loves me, this I know.