Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's (ZZzzzZzz) Day!

This is the first Valentine's Day in recent memory that has been chock-full of hearts, candy and activities commemorating the day.  And, I am exhausted despite the lovely weather.  It feels like Spring and Fall had a baby.  Spall?

The day is bright and wonderfully sunny.  The weather is a cool 49 degrees, and just breezy enough to have you keep on a cardigan when you walk in the shade. 

It's always hard for me to get it together for any holiday, even my birthday (which is why for my 30th I just flew to Vegas, where the party never starts because it never ends).  But sweet Isabella loves Valentine's Day and so, since this is the first year she has spent it out of school, she demanded we make cards, decorated and celebrated.  "Best day ever!" she says.

I'm patting myself on the back because I managed to research, choose and execute a craft and holiday treat.  Yesterday after we completed our school work we got busy and made Conversation Hearts and Rice Krispie Valentine's Day pops I found on Pinterest.  It was very chaotic and very messy. 

As I briefed my husband on the day's crafts and baking he offered his sweet perfectionist wife a word of caution.

"Now, Honey, you do know that it's okay if the girls don't do the crafts and baking perfectly and it doesn't turn out the way it looks on Pinterest, right?" James asked semi-rhetorically, but still with great caution.

"I know," I said.  "I've actually gotten a lot better at not freaking out that things don't look pretty when we craft or bake,"  I continued, my face beaming with pride.

I still struggle with letting go of my control freak tendencies, but I have gotten a lot better.

Apart from the kitchen being a disaster and the "MOM!  Paloma won't let me stir!" and the "MAMA! That's MY stool!"  And "I WANTED TO PUT THE FOOD COLORING IN!"  And then the, "It's MY turn to cut the heart shape!" And the Rice Krispie all over the kitchen counter and floor, which was later joined by the pink, white and red sprinkles, it was successful.

We ate insane amounts of pink Rice Krispie treat scraps and sprinkles.  All the processed sugar I consumed brought about a huge headache.  And since after my run earlier in the morning I went from coffee to sugar, to more sugar, I was also largely dehydrated.  

But at the end of the day I still managed to throw chicken on the grill, steam some corn and call it dinner.  The evening ended with some spy programming on TV and a bottle of mandarin flavored seltzer water.

Today even though I woke up very late and missed my morning run, and my walk with Hannah, I got out that pancake batter, heart cookie cutters, bacon and eggs, and got busy in the kitchen.  It was a mess all over again, but I knew the girl's joy over something simple like heart shaped pancakes would trump the stress of a messy (again) kitchen.  And it did.

I only wish I had bought the Valentine's Day inspired dishes at Target I dismissed as totally unnecessary when I was there two days ago.  Paper plates just didn't do for me as presentation.  Note to self.

As I finished my sixth cup of coffee James called and asked if we would meet him for lunch.  So still full of bacon, eggs, coffee and pancakes, I agreed.  He greeted us with an arm full of tulips, one bouquet for each of his girls.

Then we enjoyed a frozen sangria and margarita with lunch, not because it is 5 o'clock somewhere, but because holidays are hard work.  I also managed to eat a bowl of queso dip even though I wasn't even hungry.  Adding pico de gallo to your queso dip makes it totally healthy, and chips are corn- veggies!

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Next:  Thinking ahead to St. Patrick's Day.  As soon as Target switches decor Izzy will be on me about shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, green, and pots o'gold.