Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 11

Another long day today.  I'm going to have to start giving online before the evening rolls around if I don't get to something throughout the day, because I fell asleep reading a book with Isabella.

Days are full of errands, teaching, taking the dog out, exercising the kids, feeding the kids, prepping them for bath and bed, and the list goes on.  My breakfast was a very nutritious Diet Coke.  I had given James a hard time for buying so much soda at the grocery store (it was something like 24 cans for $6), but now I'm sort of glad he did since I didn't have a chance to brew coffee.

The nugget of wisdom today is this:  wake up before everyone else in the house.  It is life-altering.

When I wake up early, have my quiet time and just sit before the day starts, it's a lot easier to get through the day.

I had to go to the store for diapers and some minor groceries, and stop in at Michael's for our Christmas tree supplies.  But diapers, that was No. 1 on the agenda.

Diapers didn't make it into my shopping cart, but everything else did.  It wasn't until James was looking for one to change Paloma that it hit me.  So she has a swimming diaper on for now.  It works.

Keep calm and carry on.